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Who are we?

Our company was established in 2002 so as to carry out the marketing, sale and distribution of cosmetic and personal care products. Our company comprises internationally recognized brands, which are the leaders in their fields. With our experienced framework in personal care market, our goal, as Kozmoklinik® is to develop long-term, detailed marketing and sales strategies, and to provide consumers to use the most appropriate product and achieve the most effective results. We offer our brands to target market through pharmacies, chain stores, perfumeries, hairdressers, and other sales channels with health & beauty concept.


Our Marketing Department plans all processes of our brands from coming into Turkey to delivering to sales points efficaciously and swiftly. Brand managers within the department generate short and long-term strategies for brands, and organize special events for the sale channels in order to ensure the products meet with the target market.


Our Sales Department is fully engaged in managing, following and developing of customers. Regional Sales Managers and Experts are responsible for the promotion of our brands and presentation of these brands in the sales points. Our sales teams, which have learned the latest and detailed knowledge about the brands by attending special educations given our brand managers  basically ensure to recommend the most appropriate care products to consumers based on their needs.

Brand Communications Department

Our Brand Communications Department is responsible for the marketing communication and corporate communication processes of our brands. It supports to increase the brand awareness by backing with effective and comprehensive media plans for all communication activities of our brands.

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Creative Department

Our Graphic Design Department is responsible for the creation and production processes of all printed material used for visual communication of our brands. The department provides to strength the communication of our brands with unique designs it creates.

Internal Audit

Our Internal Audit Department is responsible for ensuring that the activities of Kozmoklinik® are in accordance with the related policies, procedures and laws, as well as in economic, efficient and productive. It also checks the integrity and reliability of the reports, and the conformity of the activities with the concept of the protection of properties are in compliance with the fundamental procedures and principles.

Human Resources

Our Human Resources Department carries out the selecting and positioning activities of the appropriate team members for all departments in line with the culture and vision of the corporate. The area of activity of the department involves issues such as setting of fees and vested benefits, corporate performance and career management, satisfaction analysis of employees, and allocation of social and administrative services.

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Administrative Affairs

Our Administrative Affairs Department is responsible for services and processes of such as maintenance and management of corporate facilities, budget management, material procurement, vehicle fleet management, security and safety issues, cleanliness, archiving, mail formalities, reception, and so forth. The department ensures the operations to comply with the corporate and official policies in all these stages.

Information Technologies

Our Information Technologies Department is responsible for procurement of the necessary hardware and software in order to store the data, and access and process this data in a safe manner. The department also provides services for business process automation, connection with customers and productivity improvement to assist in the execution of business strategies.


Our Logistics Department is responsible for planning, implementation and follow-up of product flow from the point of origin to final destination. It offers availability of the right product in the right place at the right time with the adequate amount.

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